Sustainable Conservation House

It is imperative that we continually seek ways to conserve energy to protect our valuable resources and the health and well being of our planet.conservation house 1
As efforts gain momentum to require all new houses in Arkansas to undergo energy audits, the UAFS Sustainable Conservation House provides the ideal classroom laboratory to train energy auditors needed to meet this new demand. This hands-on laboratory allows students to learn with the latest technology and prepares them for future careers in the energy auditing field.
The university-owned house is just adjacent to campus at 1114 N. 52nd Street and has been transformed into this hands-on learning laboratory and classroom facility. The house features current and existing energy components from the original house with the ability to switch to higher efficient units. An addition to the house has become a classroom having a zero net energy impact.
For more information on the UAFS Sustainable Conservation House, contact Dr. Kiyun Han at
Sustainable Conservation House
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