Office Management Technology

Degree Plans and More

 Program Overview

The Office Management Technology (OMT) curriculum is designed to develop appropriate knowledge, skill, and attitudes needed by office professionals. The OMT graduate will be competent in the concepts of office systems methodologies and capable of applying these concepts in structured and nonstructured problems in an office environment. In addition to the basic office skills and computer application courses, students get a foundation in supervisory management, business communications, office administration, records and information management, economics, and human resources. 


Program Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  • read, understand, and prepare standard types of business documents.
  • possess and appropriately use technological skills as they relate to the changing workforce.
  • demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills for multicultural and diverse audiences.
  • exhibit professionalism and demonstrate effective interpersonal skills while observing relevant legislation, standards, and codes of ethics.
  • apply appropriate critical thinking skills and analyze effective strategies for solving various situations that arise in today's office workforce.
The Office Technology Management degree program offers an Associate of Applied Science, Office Management Technical Certificate, and/or the Office Management Certificate of Proficiency. Students may select courses from two technical specialties, Office Management, or Medical Office Professional.

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